Referral Program

Join our Referral Program and you can get 1 free addon for a whole year for every new user that signs-up with our paid packages. Delivery Handler gives you a unique power to track delivery status within your organization and also to any addresses.

How this works:

  1. Signup with us and request a referral code over contact form with subject “Referral code”.
  2. We will send you a unique code which you can share with any one. This unique code when used in check-out will also give 50% discount on any package for your referee.
  3. Once the referee used this code for a successful purchase of the package, you will be sent out with a promotional code which can be used to buy any 1 addon of your choice for free and will be valid for 1 whole year.
Note: To be able to use the promotional code, you need to have an active package since the addons will not work without an active package.