About Us

About Us:

We are specialized in managing deliveries, delivery status and proof of delivery. We aim to provide solutions and support to all level of businesses which requires their internal and external deliveries to be track and manage.Our system will give you a power to track delivery status within your organization and also to any addresses.

If you deliver yourself to your customers, than this is a system to use which gives you an ability to do all the things that a courier company is doing. You can even get a signature from your customer via our android/ios mobile app which is free to use. You can also choose a driver from your list for the pickup and drop off of your delivery.

How does it work?

Using delivery handler is extremely simple. Once you have added required details including driver's information, just go to your job section and start managing your delivery schedules. It is here you can assign the driver for that particular job. Once done, save the job and it’s all ready for actual delivery.

Driver will then be notified about the job with the pickup address and details. After the goods are picked up, the driver will get signature of the customer while dropping off the goods.If you are transferring the goods between 2 or more branches within a single company, you also need to add the branch information. Once the branch is added you will have full access to features like sending the goods between branches, monitoring all the incoming deliveries and controlling your delivery schedules.